Thursday, November 1, 2007

Synchronizing Combo Boxes on Forms

This Microsoft Visual How-To walks through a solution to a very common scenario: make the available choices in one combo box depend on the selection made in another combo box.

There are many really good posts on this subject around the Internet- what struck me about this one is that, because of the addition of video content it might apeal to somone tackling this for the first time.

See also:

  1. Candace Tripp's cascading combo box examples. This example uses a similar technique to the Microsoft example, and is one of the most often cited sources for the dependent combo box example.
  2. Microsoft Access Dependent Drop Down List Box from Blue Claw database Design. This article documents a simpler, though more limited, approach that uses only one line of VBA, relying instead on the query to do the work.

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