Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sharing an Access Database

Here's a great post from UtterAccess.com on splitting your database into Back-End and Front-End and deploying it for multiple users.
"Congratulations! Your database has become so popular that others would like to use it. Just copy it to a shared location on the network and create shortcuts, right? Wrong! This is perhaps the largest cause of Access database corruption. Multiple users accessing the same .MDB at the same time is just asking for problems.
... this FAQ is meant to provide the best practices for sharing a database with others. Incorporated into these best practices are the concepts of Maximum Security, Future Manageability, and Higher Degrees of Scalability. Simply put, your database will be as secure as possible, as easy to modify as possible, and as easy to migrate to a larger platform when and if you ever outgrow Access."
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